Did You Have A Dream?

When we were kids we would have all these crazy, big dreams we wanted to come true. You might have dreamt of traveling the world, starting a business, becoming a professional football player or even modeling for the biggest agency out there. Whatever you dreamed of, you were determined to go for it. But how many people can say they made their dreams come to reality? Many times we dreamed and thought of all the adventures and goals we want to accomplish in life, but never brought them to fruition. So, they become fantasies in our mind, not reality. What’s holding you back from making something you’re passionate about happen? Sometimes we are afraid of the unknown and don’t want to get out of our comfort zone. Maybe you became discouraged when your first attempt failed. Did something or someone intimidate you and made you feel small inside? If you gave up on your dream, I’m here to encourage you to figure out the reason why. The biggest regret in life could be not continuing what you once started.

I’ve been there. My dream is to be a model. I’ve made multiple portfolios and was even given a chance to sign up with an agency in Atlanta, GA. I was a teenager when that opportunity came, and my mother wouldn’t take me. It was only a six-hour drive, chance for my dream to come true! After that disappointment. I felt I would never get another chance. Every year I would tell myself “I’m going to go for it now that I’m older” but I never tried. I took photos, made portfolios but failed to follow through and never sent these to any agencies. Now I’m 22, I’ve come to realization that I shouldn’t give up because I feel discourage about not being good enough for another agency or playing the “what if” game. I know if I don’t keep trying and learning from my failures along the way on this journey, I will regret it. The hardest challenge is staying motivated after you been knocked down. My advice is to sit down, learn from what went wrong and change it for the next opportunity. It’s not bad to make mistakes or fail if your LEARN from these mistakes or failures. You have one life, one chance to live it to the fullest. Don’t let it go to waste by the negativity. Get up and smile with optimism as you take the first step to experiencing your childhood dream come true.

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