Where To Begin?

 Begin to make your dream come to reality. First thought, what does your dream consist of?  Research this dream and gain knowledge on what needs to be done. What steps do you need to take?  For example if your dream is to become involved in rentals, you’re going to need to know every aspect and gain as much knowledge as possible on the steps of succeeding in this business. Learning is power. The more you know about a subject the more you understand what it takes to be successful. Start by setting up short term goals that are doable with a reasonable time frame. Don’t put too much on your plate or you could become overwhelmed and unmotivated. Beware! You may experience moments of helplessness or feel as if things are not moving fast enough. Remember there might be delays or problems that come up that get in the way of you accomplishing your goals. Just know you have nothing but time. Use every mistake as a lesson and not an excuse to give up. 


My dream is to become a model. To do that I know I need to work on myself, update portfolios, travel and reach out to agencies. Well, my first short-term goal involves maintaining the weight I want to be. I’ve created a meal plan so I can intake enough calories and protein a day. I started a workout routine this week. I even have a gym partner, which is nice for even more motivation. I have four months to get fit and gain muscle. When summer arrives, I will start putting together a portfolio. I will look into different photographers and might even take advantage of some of my photographer friends’ services. From these, I’ll choose the top five pictures. Finally taking action, I will look into what type of modeling I wanted to do, different magazine opportunities and what agencies suit me best.  I’m planning on traveling to three different big cities to speak with different agencies and hopefully get in with one. I know if I don’t get a deal with the first agency I go to that there are plenty more that might just give me a chance. Remember to keep a positive side to any  negativity that comes your way.  It all depends on how you look at the situation. 

Remember to decide and believe, release your fear, take action and use others success as inspiration.

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