The first step to anything is to take action. That’s simply what I’ve done. I have started my journey to becoming a self-mastered person, which means I’m in the process of mastering my ego-mind to such a degree that the mind acts as a servant, granting myself the empowerment to actualize my own divine potential! This world does not make this journey home to YOURSELF easy. I learned two things about myself. Instead of approaching the obstacle head on, I would run away from the dark tunnel when coming face to face with my core fears that I’ve been battling my entire life. Also, I used my search for enlightenment as a way to keep my mind busy. While I was taking in the positive, I felt great; but when I stopped… everything negative inside would come rushing back up to the surface. Enlightenment, alone, only leads to intellectual faith, and faith without action is useless! I never empowered that knowledge. 


The seven stages of change will lead this journey to myself. Refusal to accept pain or failure is when my pain and uncomfortable sensations surface. Awareness is defined as having knowledge or consciousness.  I’ll begin to see and experience the benefits of my self-mastery processes. I’ll feel my repressed emotions beginning to surface. I’ll be on the verge of true release and healing. Recognition, during this stage, will give me enough courage to allow my emotional issues to remain conscious long enough so that I can view them holistically.  Expansion, my old paradigms begin to shift. I’ll dis-create my old, fixed beliefs and expand my definition of who I am and what I can accomplish in life. Responsibility, my spiritual enlightenment, has progressed to such a degree, that I will be willing to take full responsibility for my past, present and future. Self-empowerment, I’ll begin to master how to dis-create my old, negative beliefs and begin to consciously choose empowering beliefs to replace them. The final stage is creation, which happens when I can create anything that I desire at will. I’m no longer restricted by unconscious, negative, fixed belief patterns. I’m just at the beginning and it seems so scary. Scary because my old belief systems are in a state of flux and my new self -mastery beliefs haven’t solidified yet. My fear-based foundation is being drugged up and replaced with a spiritual foundation of love. This journey will take time, but in the end I’ll be in control not my ego, a healthy ego.

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