“Nobody Knows”

My heart is aching, my mind is always racing.
I always hide the pain with laughter and when I’m alone the tears come after.
I’m not insane, just broken inside from peoples insensitive actions that scarred my brain.
Now those memories haunt me today, I don’t know how to get them to go away.
When someone hits my trigger button, I think, think and think wanting to run somewhere far away so no one can hurt me.
I feel crazy, I feel like a mess but its what people made me become from those lonely, hard days I had to try to careless
As I lay my head down to rest, my mind takes over and not for the best.
I’m learning to be in control of my thoughts but its harder than you think.
I’m going to keep trying so I can be the real me.
I promise I’m not a downer, or even a constant frowner.
I just have a misunderstood mind that was created with disaster. No one truly understands unless they been through this battle. Its something I’m ashamed of, its something I’m not proud of. But its a part of me that will be healed someday, somehow.

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