“Inside Storm”

Inside is a raging storm
Anger, hurt, sadness
Taking over me
I want to give up
I want to run away
Or else the damn is going to collapse and all these emotions are going to break away
Barely make it through the day
Want be able to control what I say.
Exploding like a grenade
Tears running down my face
washing the smile away
No one understands the person I am
These feelings inside don’t just go away
I try to explain
I try to speak what I feel when I feel
To slowly kill the storm
But I just get pushed away
By the triggers being pressed
That’s keeping me scared to stay
I’m recognizing how I truly feel
Trying to heal
Needing someone by my side to understand this is real
These feelings don’t just go away
It being fixed overnight is insane
Explaining my feelings
Is me letting it out
Instead of keeping it in when really I want to shout.
I don’t expect comfort
I expect an understanding
Words that come out needs to be thought out before because sometimes that could hurt me even more
I’m just a fragile soul
That’s wanting to heal
Its not easy
But I know I’ll make it
I will not fail
I will prevail

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