Your Enough

Always remember you are good enough in someone’s eyes. Never feel bad about being the person your meant to be. If they can’t accept your flaws and understand the person you are, you don’t need them. Never rest until your better is your best.

I do the best I can
To make you the happiest man
I go above and beyond
Most women can’t say that during their whole lifespan
I know I’m good enough
If you can’t see that
Than that’s rough
Because you’ll never find someone who cares and would do as much as me
That’s not a bluff
I might sound conceited
But that’s not it all
I’ve been mistreated
And lost my self confidence when he cheated
I know who I am
I know what I do
I have millions of flaws
And over thinking can be an issue
But I’m learning I’m enough
By the thoughtful things I do
Because I go above and beyond
To be the best person I can with you
If you want to throw that away
Than that’s good for you
At least I can walk away
And say I gave it my all
Did you?

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