Smiling doesn’t necessary mean you’re happy. Sometimes it just means you’re strong.

I will smile through the pain
Nothing will stop me from getting through the day
Accomplishing my goals
Making my dreams come true
That’s what keeps me smiling away
I know I can do it
Even on days I want to cry myself to sleep
I’m stronger than the scars that were left on my soul from past memories
Smiling is my key to getting through the day
Its something that helps me get through the pain
Making people laugh
Helping the ones in need
Is what heals my broken soul
And toxic memories
I hate that I have triggers
Its a challenge to overcome
But a challenge I will except to get rid of them
I am greatful for what I’m dealing with
For when I’m healed
I can help the ones broken inside
And smiling on the out
Hiding and denying
What’s really going on in their mind

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