“You Can Be Saved”

Flowers grow back, even after they are stepped on. So will you!

You can be saved
From the thoughts that overcome
Memories that torment
All you have to do is believe your worth it
Don’t hide the darkness inside
Because of someone’s lack of discernment
Its always going to be with you
Until you get the courage to concede
The memories that you went through
No need to be a shame we all have a story hiding deep within
we tuck away
And never read again
Until our triggers are pressed
The memories come rushing back
And your mind becomes a mess
Your ego defense comes up instant
And your not who you are
You become depressed
Feel like a problem under distress
But you can be saved
Know your worth it
Your not alone battling the past
Don’t hide from the truth because that feeling will always last
If you need someone by your side
Don’t be afraid to ask
If they judge
Remember your stronger than the negative
Your dis-creating the past to positive
That takes bravery
Your opening close doors
Not knowing what’s inside
Ready to conquer this battle that you been putting off for some time
You can do it
You can be saved
Believe in yourself
Create peace in your mind
It will take time
But its worth it
You’ll be fine
Stay strong
Don’t hide the feeling away its not where it belongs

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