“Losing Sleep”

Nights I can’t sleep
My mind is into deep
Over thinking
Chest in pain
Feeling insane
Losing myself
By the thoughts that overcome my brain
Tears running down my face
Can’t hold them back
Or else I’ll be in more pain
Using more energy to fight back the sadness inside
Feeling chained
By all the thoughts and emotions
I feel drained
Up past 2 a.m
Work in the morning
Don’t know what to do to get this to go away
Needing to sleep
Or else I’ll feel weak
Not wanting to get out of bed
When its time to start the day to finish the week
My mind tells me to stay in bed
Exhausted by the thoughts going through my head
But I found the strength to get up
To go to work
Finish the last day of the week
Even though inside I really feel weak
I’ll make it through the day with a smile on my face
Not letting anyone see the pain at my workplace
Today will be a good day
Last night was a storm I was going through
This morning I got the strength to let the sun shine through
The dark clouds that overcome my mind
Will want to come back at times
Throughout my day
But I got to stay strong
And fight them away
Because I’m tired of stormy days
They make me feel weak
And its hard to get through my week
I lose myself
And sleep
Its not a combination that’s good for me to keep
I’m going to get my peace
One day these storms want overcome me
I want feel like I’m drowning in the sea
I will be set free

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