“Change For The Better”

My heart aches
From all the hatred this world demonstrates
Constant negative in the air
Nobody cares
Bringing one another down
Is a hobby
Instead of sending prayers
Words you say to someone
Has more affect than you think
You could change someones world upside down or you could bring them up onto their feet
Instead of leaving them down when there at their lowest
That’s what can cause mental illness
You should know this
Blaming everyone else for your problems
That’s bogus
Own up and change what you don’t like
Instead of typing it on facebook
That’s not going to help it get right
Guns aren’t an issue
The color of someones skin shouldn’t matter to you
The government is corrupt
We know this to
So why are we acting blind
By all the social medias fake news
Wake up and smell the roses
If you dont like what’s going on
Take action
Instead of posting it
That’s laziness
Something this country is known for
For years I’ve seen complaints on facebook
But nothing changed
History repeats the same issue
There will never be a little peace in this world
Because everybody is caught up in drama that’s not yours
Negative news is the trend
Everybody is into
But what people don’t realize its the issue
That’s causing all these tragedies
In this country
We are forgetting to put God first
Teach respect
And discipline
That’s what we need to do
Instead we are making kids famous who disrespect
Doing these stupid challenges
That later we’ll regret
Stop being stupid
And gain common sense
You would think after all that’s gone on
There would be a wake up call
Realize we need to stand together
Listen to all
And respond in respect
Come to an agreement
We all can live with
Stop letting history repeat itself
And make it a day nobody will ever forget

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