“Self Love”

Self love
Is what your body needs
We can all agree
Don’t hate your past
It shaped you to the person you are today
You can change what you don’t want to be
Your in control
And if your thoughts that aren’t yours take over
Get your mind back
Don’t give up
You’ll get stronger each mind battle
Eventually get back in control
All the thoughts that aren’t yours will be gone
It will be over
Show yourself respect
Know that your perfect
In someone’s eyes
Your a rare prize
Your self love should be first
Fighting for someone is the worst
You’ll lose yourself in a long run
Don’t fight for someone
If they want you
They will do everything to keep you
Self hate
Makes peace hard to find
Feeling insane by all the overthinking in your mind
Unhappy with the reflection in the mirror
Because your flaws are more clearer
Worrying if your good enough
Making life more rough
All because you put yourself down to much
Show yourself the love you deserve
Don’t listen to the negative people bring
What matters is the positive things
Live your life the way that makes you happy
Love yourself with pride
Don’t bring yourself down
Because all the negative you think about yourself is a lie

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