Hi, I’m Brittney! I am originally from Alabama but I’m working in North Dakota with an oil company. I’ve been up here since 2013 when the boom was going on. I have an associates degree in accounting and business management. I love adventures, wild life and most of all helping others.

For years, I have been battling a war inside my mind. I’ve been depress, bad anxiety, feeling worthless. Even when I’m with my friends and I’m as happy as I could be, I would still feel like something was wrong with me. I gave up on my dreams. I didn’t have any self-confidence in myself. Who I am faded away and was replaced with what I thought I was. After realizing that a lot of these issues has to do with my past of why I’m feeling this way. I’ve decide to do a self mastery course to help me on this journey, home to my inner self. All those fear-based foundational beliefs are being uprooted and replace with spiritual roots of love. I’m hoping my knowledge, past experiences and positive message could inspire someone’s life.