“Self Love”

Self love
Is what your body needs
We can all agree
Don’t hate your past
It shaped you to the person you are today
You can change what you don’t want to be
Your in control
And if your thoughts that aren’t yours take over
Get your mind back
Don’t give up
You’ll get stronger each mind battle
Eventually get back in control
All the thoughts that aren’t yours will be gone
It will be over
Show yourself respect
Know that your perfect
In someone’s eyes
Your a rare prize
Your self love should be first
Fighting for someone is the worst
You’ll lose yourself in a long run
Don’t fight for someone
If they want you
They will do everything to keep you
Self hate
Makes peace hard to find
Feeling insane by all the overthinking in your mind
Unhappy with the reflection in the mirror
Because your flaws are more clearer
Worrying if your good enough
Making life more rough
All because you put yourself down to much
Show yourself the love you deserve
Don’t listen to the negative people bring
What matters is the positive things
Live your life the way that makes you happy
Love yourself with pride
Don’t bring yourself down
Because all the negative you think about yourself is a lie

Your Enough

Always remember you are good enough in someone’s eyes. Never feel bad about being the person your meant to be. If they can’t accept your flaws and understand the person you are, you don’t need them. Never rest until your better is your best.

I do the best I can
To make you the happiest man
I go above and beyond
Most women can’t say that during their whole lifespan
I know I’m good enough
If you can’t see that
Than that’s rough
Because you’ll never find someone who cares and would do as much as me
That’s not a bluff
I might sound conceited
But that’s not it all
I’ve been mistreated
And lost my self confidence when he cheated
I know who I am
I know what I do
I have millions of flaws
And over thinking can be an issue
But I’m learning I’m enough
By the thoughtful things I do
Because I go above and beyond
To be the best person I can with you
If you want to throw that away
Than that’s good for you
At least I can walk away
And say I gave it my all
Did you?

“I Try”

I try to be the best
I try to be enough
My imperfections take over
Its not something im proud of
I’m not the prettiest
I’m not the smartest
I’m the loyalists
Something that goes far
My hair is not always done
My skin is not unblemished
My outer appearance isn’t something you’ll see on social medias body image
But my soul is free
I don’t wear a mask
My heart is big
But shattered like broken glass
I try to be the best
The best in your eyes
I try so hard for you
You don’t even realize
But outside beauty can be found all around
Inside beauty is rare and worth being found.
That’s why I focus on the in
Instead of the out
Because my inner beauty is going to stay
While my outer beauty fades away.

“Look In The Mirror”

Look in the mirror and love what you see
Your beautiful as you can be
Don’t allow yourself to drown in the sea with all the negativity
Someone will always judge you for the imperfection of your beauty
Accept who you are, focus on who you want to be.
There is someone that will see you as a perfect angel, your true natural beauty that shines like nothing that’s ever been seen.
Until then look in the mirror
love what you see.
Never forget you are
your own kind of beauty.

Fear Of Opinions

Have you ever decided against doing something because you were scared of what other people thought? Did lack of self confidence make you even more paranoid than before? We’ve all been there. However, you shouldn’t let other’s judgmental comments stop you from doing whatever you love. We shouldn’t care what other people think. If you’re rich or poor, male or female, people will judge you no matter what. It’s a fact! Why let that stop you from living.

I use to be afraid of what people thought of me. This fear held me back from many fun, exciting and social opportunities. Most of these people are not even in my life anymore. Imagine that! As kids and teenagers, we become so paranoid because we do not want our peers to think differently of us. I feared others would judge me. For example, one time I remember I was taking a family wellness class. All the students had to partner up with someone because we were going to have a fashion design contest in front of the entire school. I was going to be the runway model and my partner was designing the dress. I was so excited! When time got closer to show off the design, I started slowly backing out. The voice in my head was making me so paranoid. All I could think about was “what if something goes wrong” or “what if I don’t look good in the dress and everybody will make fun of me.” I had all these thoughts about what will people think and it made me back out of an school activity that I was super stoked about.

I finally realized that people’s opinions don’t matter and shouldn’t be guiding my choices in life. The ones that do matter will stand by our side no matter if they agree or disagree. I always say, “We only have one life.” Why not do whatever you want, have fun, and get out of your comfort zone. That is the key GET OUT OF YOUR COMFORT ZONE! Do you think that pop star just jumped on stage one day and began singing? No, of course he/she didn’t. I’m sure there were many moments of uncomfortable rejections. Or how about that lawyer that seems to know all the answers. Years of college, preparation and testing would not always have been the most comfortable. Strain your brain, work hard and go that extra mile no matter the challenge at hand. Once you stop caring what other people think you’re going to start living your life to the fullest, and I promise you will love it.

Let Them Talk

Let them judge you. Let them misunderstand you. Let them gossip about you. Their opinions aren’t your problen. You stay kind, committed to love, and free in your authenticity. No matter what they do or say don’t you dare doubt your worth or the beauty of your truth. Just keep on shining like you do!

What Do You See In The Mirror?

In today’s generation it seems the media paints an image in our minds of how men and women are supposed to look. Our skin is supposed to be flawless. Our body is supposed to be in perfect shape. We are supposed to look like we walked out of a magazine every single day. Well that’s not reality! Most of us don’t have flawless skin, our bodies are different shapes and sizes, and we don’t have the greatest hairstyle or perfect makeup done 24/7. The reason those men and women look like they’re perfect is because they have money and/or Photoshop. Do you think they would look like that if they were just ‘normal’ people you see in your everyday life? We focus more on how everyone else looks and how we wish we had “her body” or “his unblemished skin” and we forget our own beauty. We have to stop letting an image on T.V or in a magazine take over how we see ourselves in a mirror. Everyone is beautiful in his or her own unique way. That’s what makes us one of a kind.

Everyday, I battle self-confidence. I look in the mirror at times, hating what I see. The reason being is because I think and feel I should look like something I’m not. I think if I look that way, I just might be able to find that guy who loves me, someone who actually pictures himself lucky to have me in his life, not always trying to go for the best next thing. The next best thing in “looks” that is. What about inner beauty? Our personality and traits that make us who we are should really be what that guy looks for in finding the “perfect girl” to love. Remember this… no matter who we cross paths with in life, there will always be someone out there that looks better. We just have to learn how to accept what we see and feel the incredible beatify inside. Guess what…we can actually control the “inner beauty” as much or more than that “outer beauty” by changing our attitude and showing the world the positivity everyone loves to be around. For some of us it’s easier said than done. However, I believe with some encouragement and a reminder that our insecurities are just thoughts that we developed from past traumas, rejection, loneliness, etc., and we shouldn’t beat ourselves up every time we look at our reflection. We need to learn how to ignore the negativity that society brings to our self-image because we are all imperfect and that’s the beauty of it.