“Exploring Soul”

My soul is free
Free as the spirit in me
But it needs to be exploring the beautiful sceneries
From waves crashing in the sea
To mountain’s high as it could be
Smelling the fresh air all around
Away from reality
enjoying the nature that surrounds
That’s when I’m at peace the most
Sand in my toes
Listening to the waves
Watching the sunset till it slowly fades away.
Is where I want to be today
Relaxing on shore
Away from the real world
My soul is calling for me to search the sea
For the missing pieces in me
Ill find myself once I escape reality
And enjoy the beautiful scenery

Fear Of Opinions

Have you ever decided against doing something because you were scared of what other people thought? Did lack of self confidence make you even more paranoid than before? We’ve all been there. However, you shouldn’t let other’s judgmental comments stop you from doing whatever you love. We shouldn’t care what other people think. If you’re rich or poor, male or female, people will judge you no matter what. It’s a fact! Why let that stop you from living.

I use to be afraid of what people thought of me. This fear held me back from many fun, exciting and social opportunities. Most of these people are not even in my life anymore. Imagine that! As kids and teenagers, we become so paranoid because we do not want our peers to think differently of us. I feared others would judge me. For example, one time I remember I was taking a family wellness class. All the students had to partner up with someone because we were going to have a fashion design contest in front of the entire school. I was going to be the runway model and my partner was designing the dress. I was so excited! When time got closer to show off the design, I started slowly backing out. The voice in my head was making me so paranoid. All I could think about was “what if something goes wrong” or “what if I don’t look good in the dress and everybody will make fun of me.” I had all these thoughts about what will people think and it made me back out of an school activity that I was super stoked about.

I finally realized that people’s opinions don’t matter and shouldn’t be guiding my choices in life. The ones that do matter will stand by our side no matter if they agree or disagree. I always say, “We only have one life.” Why not do whatever you want, have fun, and get out of your comfort zone. That is the key GET OUT OF YOUR COMFORT ZONE! Do you think that pop star just jumped on stage one day and began singing? No, of course he/she didn’t. I’m sure there were many moments of uncomfortable rejections. Or how about that lawyer that seems to know all the answers. Years of college, preparation and testing would not always have been the most comfortable. Strain your brain, work hard and go that extra mile no matter the challenge at hand. Once you stop caring what other people think you’re going to start living your life to the fullest, and I promise you will love it.

Endless Possibilities With A Gypsy Soul

Beautiful things don’t ask for attention.
Be fluid. Be like water. Flow around the obstacles.
Like water be gentle and strong. Be gentle enough to follow the natural paths of the earth and strong enough to rise up and reshape the world.
The mountains are calling, I must go